The Goldsmith's History

Over 43 Years of Tradition & InspirationRon & Terri Emanuel owners of The Goldsmith

The Goldsmith’s History

Ron Emanuel’s career began in 1970, attending MATC, then beginning an apprenticeship in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin with an Italian goldsmith.  His drive and love for the art, fueled his passion to open his own store in 1974, when he opened The Goldsmith, in downtown Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.

Emanuel has now evolved into a master, hands-on goldsmith, who creates his own unmistakable, custom-jewelry.  His statement pieces exude a mixture of metals and gemstones, in a range of minimal, modernistic looks, to old world, traditionally-fashioned designs.  Always focusing on guest input, Emanuel has been successful and committed to integrating winning designs and outstanding values.  These virtues have been instilled, also, with into his son, Josh Emanuel.  Josh was schooled at the Gemological Institute of America, in Carlsbad, California, and became a Certified Gemologist Appraiser in 2010.  They now work side by side in this fascinating industry with the creation of artisan jewelry.