Meet Our Team

  Ron Emanuel - The Goldsmith - Fond du Lac - WI "Over the past three decades I have enjoyed building relationships with our guests. These relationships have grown into bigger things including friendship and a continuous commitment to our community. In addition, it has provided us the opportunity to craft wedding rings for the children of the people we made rings for years ago."  ~Ron
Terri Emmanuel - THE GOLDSMITH "My educational background is in teaching, and I use those skills with other employees and in aiding customers in their jewelry design and selection. Education is a key component to enrich consumer knowledge and employee growth and development and it is always exciting to see a piece of jewelry evolve or a member of The Goldsmith family experience the excellence of personal and professional growth." ~ Terri
Josh Emmanuel - THE GOLDSMITH "These days, providing a quality product is much more than carat, cut, and weight - people are looking for a professional that has passion and charisma for the jewelry industry. The experience they have with me is as important as the experience they receive when the gift is given to a loved one. That is why I have dedicated my life to this industry and became a Certified Gemologist Appraiser - one of only 400 in North America! Passion for the jewelry industry runs deep at The Goldsmith." ~Josh
JoAnn Bostwick - The Goldsmith "What woman wouldn't want to be surrounded by beautiful jewelry every day?! Then there are the Emanuels'; who are caring and generous, not only with each of their guests, but also their involvement in the community. And that is what makes working here a joy. The combination of experience and benevolence makes the team at The Goldsmith truly one of a kind - a gem that can't be valued!" ~ JoAnn

"The most rewarding experience is working with those restoring a wedding ring for their wedding anniversary. You can feel the love radiate off them as they hold the ring and tell stories of times long ago. I love making something to celebrate the love they have for each other." ~Ann

"My first real job was in jewelry sales and from then on, I was hooked. Ron and Terri have filled this store with unique jewelry and giftware along with custom jewelry designed and made by Ron. I believe when someone is visiting our shop, they should enjoy the experience and with our helpful staff and selection of beautiful jewelry, we make this a reality. I love helping people find the perfect gift for someone they love." ~ Lori