About Gemstones


There is a vast array of stones available, our goal is to help you determine the best fit for you. If you are thinking of using a colored gem on your engagement ring or wedding band, we would recommend corundum, which includes sapphire and ruby, because it is durable enough for lifelong daily wear.   The other stones are softer and over time will show wear. With the extensive amount of gemstone options, we just took a sampling of gems commonly used to represent birthstones, and created the graph shown. We based the information on Mohs scale of mineral hardness; the standard scale used in the jewelry industry. 

Moh's scale of GEMSTONE hardness


Created from nature gemstones evolve into a VARIETY OF exquisite gem to be cherished.  Found in all corners of the Earth, gemstones are each a unique creation that demonstrates the beauty when nature is combined with human skill.  

With a myriad of colors the various gem stones create an unlimited amount of options.  Sapphire is one type of stone that is found in a variety of colors and is also a very durable stone.