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Make memories last forever by restoring old (and newer) jewelry to it's original shine and glory. All jewelry restoration is done on-site, allowing us to have a very quick turnaround time. Most repairs can be completed within a few days, and some the same day.

Engagement & Wedding Rings

We have a large selection of engagement and wedding rings, in a variety of unique styles along with the option of custom wedding rings. We want people to feel comfortable with the purchase and create a lasting relationship with them so they become a guest for life.

The Gabriel philosophy brings beauty, style and elegance to each signature piece, pairing spirited designs with exquisite craftsmanship. Please click on the link below to view the collection.

Gabriel & Co.

Custom Jewelry Designed by You

Imagine the possibilities of creating your own jewelry! We have the knowledge, software, tools, and experience to help make your dream come true! Bring in a picture or an idea and we can create it.

And if you weren't aware, we also use CounterSketch's sophisticated application to bring your custom ring or pendant to life virtually. See it in exact detail before investing in it.

Certified Gemologist Appraiser

The Certified Gemologist Appraiser accreditation is the highest level of achievement in the jewelry industry. Currently, approximately 400 AGS jewelers in North America have earned this prestigious professional title.

American Gem Society


Leaving an everlasting impression on retirees, graduates, or a valued employee shows you care about them and their future. Businesses and gift givers have turned to us to help them find the perfect retirement or commencement gift. It can be anything from custom jewelry to one-of-a-kind gifts tailored to the person's personality and/or major accomplishments. We'll help you discover a special gift that make everlasting memories.

Jewelry Restoration

The Goldsmith realizes you want to maintain your jewelry. We can methodically restore most jewelry to it's original shine, strength, and grace. All jewelry restoration is done on-site allowing us to have a quick turnaround time and most repairs can be completed in a few days, and many the same day. We also understand at times you'd like to change it and we can assist you with that process for a perfect, end result.

Personalize with Engravings

Engraving a name, quote, or poem can make a special gift even more special. The extra time and thought put into a gift makes gift-giving a joy - it's no wonder why engraving has become a popular service! Our laser engraver can handle materials from glass to wood.

Eyeglass Frame Repair
Repairing eyeglass and sunglass frames is an affordable alternative to replacing them. Our location is equipped with a state of the art laser welder; that allows us to repair nearly all metal frames on the market (Titanium, Rimless, Drill Mount). It takes approximately an hour to accomplish and the weld carries a 90 day warranty. Save money by having the team at The Goldsmith repair your eyeglasses.

Watch and Clock Repair
From antique to modern clocks, timepieces, and watches, we have the resources to bring them back to life without losing any of it's original shine and glory. Our on-site team can repair most watches and clocks. For those that need to be handled by a niche professional we have a brilliant watchmaker at our disposal.

Buying Gold

We will buy your unwanted gold, silver, platinum, and coins for cash or double value, in-store credit. The store credit never expires and can be used for a purchase, repair or special order.

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